LiftLyte Under-Lighting

  • SKUHE-DL-1000M
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The LiftLyte System is attached Magnetically for ultimate versatility including the ability to swap between lifts, moved to accomodate lift accessories or used anywhere you can safely place a magnet...  Hands-Free Lighting - when and where you need it !!



•          Full Area Illumination

•          No Shadows

•          "Plug & Play" Installation - No handtools required.

•          Eliminates Lamp or Filament breakage in demanding work applications.

•          More than 30,000 hours of Lamp-Life resulting in lower maintenance costs.

•          Resists Vibration, Impact, Sudden movements and shock.

•          Efficient Light Transmission.

•          Environmentally Protective Coatings for maximum Durability and Long Life.