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DCI / Southwest Direct-Lift is the exclusive dealer for Direct-Lift in the Southwest.

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Find the Direct-Lift Authorized Dealer that is closest to you at www.directlift.com

You will also find other helpful information at the Direct-Lift site as well…
For instance, BEFORE YOU PURCHASE your lift, you might want to review these sections…

  • Which Lift Is Right For Me? and/or FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Q&A sections that will cover most of the concerns of the perspective lift buyer.
  • Garage Ceiling Calculator Allows you to complete a custom Height Requirement equation for your specific vehicles, garage dimensions, etc. in relation to your new lift.
  • Testimonials Customer Letters and Comments…

The Direct-Lift site will also be helpful AFTER YOU’VE PURCHASED you new lift…

  • Tech Manuals Download PDF files of Manuals for most Direct-Lift models.
  • Register Your Lift ! Allows you to register your lift purchase on-line.

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